Tips on Keeping your Ferret Odor Free

Any animal, regardless of breed or size, will naturally stink if improper hygiene is practiced. For ferrets, bad odor is one of the things owners should always keep in check. As cute as they are, ferrets have a tendency to smell bad most especially when they are

Decisions to Make When Buying a Ferret

Old and first time ferret owners must make major decisions before buying a ferret or adopting one. Fortunately, with the growing popularity of these furry creatures, the internet provides almost unlimited info on what factors to consider in order to properly choose the right ferret that suits

Most Common Mistakes when Feeding your Ferret

Although considered a small animal, ferrets are big in terms of eating. Due to their active and playful nature, feeding your ferret must be done on a regular basis to sustain their energy requirement. Aside from calories, their body needs regular supply of vitamins and minerals to

Ferret Sleeping Like Babies

Watch this adorable video of ferret sleeping like babies. Click the play button and see how they love to be cuddled before bedtime. Ferrets are heavy sleepers and they could sleep up to 18 hours a day. Sometimes it could be hard to wake them up especially

Maximizing the Life Expectancy of Ferrets

The average life expectancy of ferrets is usually between 5 to 8 years. However, some ferret owners are able to maximize their pet’s lives to about 10 to 12 years. How did they do it? Like with other animals, proper care, love and time play essential roles

Video Collection of Ferrets Stealing Stuff

Watch this video collection of ferrets stealing different kinds of stuff. Click the play button and have fun watching these furry creatures… We all know how ferrets love to take things and keep them in their secret hiding place. From keys to toys, and even your favorite

What to Do with a Pregnant Ferret?

Pregnancy is a vital part of a ferret’s life cycle. In order to have a safe and healthy delivery of a pregnant ferret, there are important facts to know and steps to follow that every owner must understand. Below are some of the most crucial factors before,

Searching and Buying Ferrets Online

With the advancement of technology, people can now do things that seem impossible before. With the emergence of the internet, tasks like buying a new pet can now be accomplished at the comfort of your home. Over the years, ferrets have gained popularity as a family pet,

Ferret Reaction to Laser Light

Watch this ferret reaction when owner shows a laser light. Click the play button below and enjoy… Like cats, ferrets do have some similar reaction when it comes to some stuff that attracts them like this short video of the ferrets trying to catch the laser light.