What to Expect with Pet Ferrets

Some bad, but mostly good. This is how to describe the things you can expect from buying or adopting pet ferrets. Although there are bad things you will experience along the way like health issues and improper behavior, there are more positive things to look forward to such as great companionship, fun time and lasting memories.

Pet Ferrets

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To give you a clearer picture on what to expect when you make pet ferrets your next family pet, below are some of the most common behaviors and things you will probably encounter and experience.

What to Expect with Pet Ferrets

1. You probably have been disturbed by the loud barks of your neighbor’s dog while in the middle of your sleep. This will never be an issue when you have a ferret, which is considered a very quiet pet. Although it is very active and playful, disturbing the neighbor will be out of the picture (unless it escapes from your home and head straight to your neighbor’s door).

2. One thing that your new pet shares with dogs and cats is that it can also be trained. The best way to handle training session is to constantly give treats and praises as reinforcements every time it correctly follows your commands. Exerting extra patience and understanding during training are also very important.The most common training subjects include proper use of the litter box, knowing what to play with, proper diet and house training. Proper behavior must also be included especially when you have small children at home.

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3. Ferrets have poor eyesight so don’t expect your new pet to be very comfortable in dark areas. In fact, you should never put it in dark and isolated rooms to prevent depression and lack of interaction from people and other animals. If a ferret feels it is isolated or neglected, it can inflict self-harm.When feeding, make sure that the lights are on or the area has proper natural lighting so it can enjoy its meal. Also avoid putting it in dark areas so it can protect itself properly if danger occurs.

4. When proper care is given all throughout its life, your pet can live up to 12 years. Imagine the many years you will enjoy each other’s company if you are able to exercise proper maintenance. For most cases, ferrets will live 7 to 10 years.

5. If you prefer male ferret, expect it to become heavier and longer than females. Some male ferrets are also more active than females, so expect the need for more play and interaction time. But whatever gender you pick, one thing that is sure is that both will give you memories that you will treasure for life.

6. Although very active, ferrets spend most of their time sleeping. Some may even sleep for 20 straight hours, waking up just to eat or when nature calls. In addition, ferrets also enjoy taking short and long naps. The problem with this is that they love to nap on the most unusual places in your home like under sofa cushion or table and chairs. So the next time you sit down on your favorite lazy boy chair, make sure that your pet is not under it or you can easily cause injuries.

7. As stated earlier, pet ferrets are active and playful. They also demand a lot of interaction with both humans and other animals. In order to keep up with these requirements, you must let your pet out of its cage for about 1 to 2 hours per day. Doing this will also give it proper exercise. If this demand is neglected, expect bad things from your pet. Aside from becoming uneasy and stressed, ferrets that lack human interaction usually turn to themselves and inflict self-harm. They do this to get attention or find an outlet to spend their energy with. There are also common cases wherein ferrets undergo self-mutilation when neglected.

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8. Although not really picky eaters, you must still be mindful of the food items you feed your new pet with. Regular diet must include constant supply of fresh ferret foods, raw meat, and clean water. Also take note that ferrets have sensitive digestive system so always make sure that the food are not stale.

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