Ways to have Fun with Pet Ferret

Ferrets are one of the most playful animals. They love to interact with their owners as well as other people. Although they spend majority of their time sleeping, activities are also important factors in maintaining proper health. This is most especially true for younger ferrets as they have more energy for various daytime action. On the other hand, adult or older ferrets prefer less strenuous activities and will probably just sit on your lap when they are awake. Spending time and having fun with pet ferret will create stronger bond, while at the same time, provide enough ways to exercise its body. Below are some of the most common and enjoyable ways to play and interact with your pet.

Fun with pet ferret

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Obstacle Courses

Ferret loves to run and explore its environment especially when new surroundings are presented. One way to keep it occupied while not really spending much effort on your part is by building obstacle courses or mazes inside its cage. You can cut off boxes or use plastic containers to build tunnels and pathways that it can run through with. The best part with this method is that you can change the courses or pathways every day. Doing so will prevent your pet from being bored with the same routine while also developing mental skills.

Water Fun with pet ferret

Aside from running around, ferret enjoys playing with water. If you have money to spare, you can buy plastic swimming pool specifically made for ferrets which is available in most pet shops. The size of this toy perfectly suits your pet and can be easily filled with water. On the other hand, if budget is an issue, you can practically use an ordinary plastic container and half fill it with water. Just be sure to pick a container that is not too deep but wide enough to prevent unwanted accidents.

To add fun, you can use small plastic balls while your pet is playing inside the pool. Eventually, your pet will learn how to push these balls around and get more fun.

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Play Time with Other Animals

Aside from humans, ferrets love to interact with other animals especially cats and dogs. Some of the most common games you can do to have fun with pet ferret include wrestling and hide and seek. Although playing with these larger animals is usually safe, you must still always keep an eye just to be on the safe side. When the action seems to get more intense and the risk of getting injured is possible, immediately separate them. Even though these larger animals mean no harm, they can still inflict injury or danger just by their size.

With regards to playing and having fun with pet ferret and small animals such as hamsters, you must be more careful and vigilant. The fact remains that ferrets are carnivores and they will always have the tendency to see smaller animals as prey. If you have other smaller animals at home, it is recommended to keep them at a safe distance from your ferret and avoid interaction as much as possible.

When introducing your ferret to other original house pets, expect some hostile reactions in the beginning stages. Most animals are territorial and do not like sharing their environment with their animals of different kind or species. To solve this issue, give some time to create a bond and do regular introductions. Let them play for few minutes each day while you are closely monitoring their actions. Introduce some toys they can play with to ease or lessen tension. Do this regally and exert extra patience along the process. Eventually, the animals will see each other as friends rather than predators and prey. After a few days, when proper introduction and interaction are done, these animals will probably get along just fine.

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Even though all these ways to interact and play with your ferret are fun and worthwhile, the best kind of bonding is still alone time with your pet. You don’t really need toys or other objects to make your bonding time memorable and meaningful. Just walking along the park or sitting at the sofa inside your home while holding your pet are more than enough activities to show how much you value and love each other.

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