Tips When Travelling with Your Ferret

If you decided to go on a trip and leaving your ferret at home is not an option, there are several things you have to consider first prior to travelling with your ferret. Knowing these things and preparing all these will help your travel much easier and less hassle not just for you but also for your beloved pet. We all know that managing pet ferret at home is a challenging experience, what more if you are bringing them with you to another place.

Proper planning and knowing the best things to bring such as equipment and documents will help you big time when travelling with your ferret. It will also make it safer for them and less stressful.

travelling with your ferret in cage and harness

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Before Leaving Your Home When Travelling with Your Ferret

Days or weeks before leaving your home, bring you ferret to a veterinarian to have a general checkup. Make sure to mention to the vet that you are planning to bring your ferret on a vacation or on a trip so the vet could give you the best advice possible. Having a general checkup prior to your trip can also help identify health problems on your pet before you let them hop in for a long ride. Also make sure that you have their recommended vaccines up to date to avoid problems in the place you are going just in case. Always bring their health certificate and registration papers.

Learn first if the place or state you are visiting allows a ferret to enter their vicinity. Remember that in some states having a ferret is illegal and can bring you in to trouble if you bring your pet with you.

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Things You Need

  • Cage

The first thing on your list and you must never forget is their cage. A transporting cage for dogs and cats will do, just makes sure there are no escape holes where your ferret can fit through or else it would escape without you noticing. Also consider if the cage could accommodate litter and food container. If in case the necessary stuff they need would not fit in, just make sure to offer your pet with food and water from time to time or when you think they might need it. Bring cleaning supplies for the cage because you don’t want the trip to be smelly all over.

Bring a harness with leash. For long trips, this could be very helpful especially when having stop overs. You can walk your ferret to help them stretch their body from being confined in a small cage. Again, along with cage bring the following ferret supplies:

  • Ferret food
  • Food container
  • Water
  • Cage cleaning supplies
  • Leash and harness
  • First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential for the ferret. This is important for minor accidents and certain conditions from being in an unfamiliar place.

First Aid kit must include:

  • Saline solution for cleaning wounds and flushing eyes
  • Emergency food such as meat-based baby puree
  • Feeding syringe
  • Lectade (for dehydration)
  • Small bandages
  • Nutrigel (in case of hypoglycemia)

Things to Remember When Travelling with Your Ferret

  • Do not ever leave your ferret inside the car particularly during hot weather as the temperature inside the car could rise quickly and can cause your ferret to suffer from heat stroke.
  • Bring your ferrets with you during a stopover, which is why it is important to bring a harness and a leash.
  • Increase the cooling temperature in your car just in case you notice that your ferret is showing symptoms of heat stress.
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Some people will recommend having your pet sedated when travelling with your ferret particularly during long travelling hours on road so they wouldn’t suffer from too much stress. However, a lot of ferret experts would not recommend having your pet go through sedation because it could interfere with the thermoregulation which can cover symptoms of heat stress and will not allow you to notice if your ferret is suffering from a condition.

What experts recommend is to make their cage as comfortable as possible because most likely, ferrets will immediately fall asleep while the car is moving. Proper bedding is the key to make travel time easier for them.


Travelling with your ferret requires planning ahead and preparing early on so that you have everything they need in check. Knowing what kind of cage will make them comfortable is very important and making sure that they will not suffer from heat conditions such as heat stress and heat stroke.


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