Questions to Ask Yourself Before Owning Ferrets

There is no doubt that ferrets are some of the most sought after pets in the world. They are friendly, intelligent, fun to be with, and loyal – traits that make them a common house pet. However, owning ferrets also demands various responsibilities and a lot of time. Before actually taking one home, you must consider several factors to ensure that a ferret is the right pet for you.

Owning Ferrets

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Be a Responsible Owner

First thing to do is ask these questions: Will I be a responsible owner or master? Do I have enough time to give all the attention a ferret needs? Do I have enough money to supply all its needs like food, shelter and regular checkup? As stated earlier, owning ferrets is a serious task that must be handled with love and care. Ferrets are sensitive animals and they can detect even the slightest negative moods of their owners. If you are not absolutely sure that you will stick with your pet through thick and thin, better opt for other pets that do not demand too much responsibilities. Furthermore, ferrets need daily attention and interaction. When a ferret feels abandoned or not given enough interaction and activities, it has a tendency to hurt itself or turn its energy to unproductive activities like biting objects around the house.

Due to its playful nature and unlimited energy, your pet ferret must be allowed to leave its cage several minutes daily to explore its environment and interact with humans and other animals. Doing this will not only make it happy and intelligent, but will also improve its health and prolong its life. Lastly, budget must also be considered because owning ferrets mean spending some of your hard earned money. Even with their pint frame, ferrets are also sensitive when it comes to food which means buying only the best brand of ferret food that contains all the vitamins and nutrients they need to cope up with their daily activities.

Aside from food, you need to invest in a durable and perfectly built cage to make sure your pet friend will be comfortable while having enough space to move around with. Another important thing to invest in is a competent veterinarian who will make sure that your fury friend is always at tip top shape.

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Owning Ferrets as Legal Ferret Owner

The next thing to do is make certain that it is legal in your area to own a ferret. There are two ways to do this – internet search or asking local authorities. If it is legal to keep a ferret in your area, it is best to inform your neighbors (especially when they are in close proximity) about your plan. In the event that your ferret escapes, they will know who to call.

Protecting your Ferret from Other Animals

Is your home or surroundings pet friendly? Do you have other pets that might harm or be harmed when a new ferret is brought home? These are the next questions you must carefully think about before making a decision. Although ferrets are not picky in terms of living environment, you must still ensure that maximum safety and comfort are presented. For people living near busy highways, the risk of losing your pet ferret is high. There are a lot of recorded ferret deaths due to owner negligence. In addition, ferrets must be slowly introduced to other house pets to create a harmonious environment. Although friendly to humans and most animals, ferrets have a tendency to attack smaller animals like birds and fishes.

On the other hand, ferrets are also easy prey for larger animals such as snakes, big cats and birds. In order to avoid these unwanted circumstances, make sure to get a solid enclosure which will not be at risk with large predators and place it in area that is safe and relaxing.

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Lastly, a little knowledge and information about ferret history and breeds will be beneficial especially if you are a first-time owner. Knowing its behavior, temperament and natural instincts will certainly help in deciding if ferret is indeed the right pet for you and your family. Furthermore, learning about its various breeds will enable you to pick the one that matches your mood and lifestyle.

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