More Tips on Eliminating Ferret Odor

After taking into considerations all the important things you must know before adopting a ferret, you are now sure that this furry animal is the best pet your household can have. From home training to proper feeding, you are positive that you have everything covered. But after bringing home one, you noticed something that you might have missed out about ferret odor- do ferrets really stink this bad?

Most first time ferret owners only realize that under its enchanting cuteness and innocent aura, ferrets require some work in order to maintain proper hygiene. Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow make sure your little companion smells like it looks.

brown ferret odor on grassland

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Remove the Anal Gland to Reduce Ferret Odor?

Same with dogs and cats, ferrets have anal glands that contain stuff you certainly don’t want to mess with. This smelly stuff is a way for ferrets to protect themselves especially when they are in their natural wild habitat. Have you seen a skunk defend itself from a predator by secreting extremely foul smelling substances from its rear end? That is basically the main purpose of a ferret’s smelly anal gland. So before descenting your pet for ferret odor, take note that doing so will also remove one of its best defense method.

Picking the Right Food

If you want your ferret to smell fresh and clean, you have to pay attention to the ingredients of its daily food. One possible culprit behind your ferret’s annoying smell is that your chosen ferret food brand contains fish. To avoid the fishy odor, choose brands that only contain mixture of chicken, turkey or duck. Doing this will sacrifice a little of your budget, but will certainly decrease the smelly secretion of your ferret.

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Proper Bathing Schedule

As children, we were taught that daily bathing must be a part of our chores in order to be healthy and clean. But that is not the case for ferrets, which only need to bathe once a month. The reason behind this is that regular bathing with soap will remove body oils, which will only force the ferret to work double time to produce more oils, thus, also increasing the unpleasant ferret odor. Moreover, to maintain the proper oil secretion, use cleaners specifically made for ferrets and never bathe more than once a month.

Ferret Perfume

If you are still unsatisfied with how your ferret smells even after bathing and changing its food, another option is to search for products that help minimize foul smell like ferret perfume.

Ferret perfume made with natural ingredients has become popular among owners. But before trying this product, make sure that you only use natural ingredients that would not harm your ferret’s sensitive skin. Spray a small amount and see if any irritation occurs. Another product gaining steam is a water-based food that you can mix with your ferret’s drink, which lessens the foul smell of oil secretion.

Regular Mattress Change

Ferrets love to sleep. They can actually sleep up to 15 hours daily. With that in mind, it is obvious that due to the amount of time they spend in their cage, regular change and cleaning of the mattress and bed sheet is a must. Just imagine the stinky smell with the amount of body oil and secretions that the mattress absorbs every day.

To lessen odor, change the mattress with fresh one as often as needed. Also, remove left over foods that may also come in contact with your ferret’s skin. It is vital to make sure that all your cleaning materials are free from harsh and harmful chemicals.

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Bathing Other House Pets

Ferrets are naturally playful and love to interact with other animals. They enjoy skin to skin contact, thus the transfer of odors is inevitable. After giving proper hygiene to your ferret, it is also vital that your other house pets are free from odor. Doing so will eliminate transfer of foul smell as well as diseases.

In summary, keeping your ferret clean is not a hard task at all. Just make sure to follow the simple steps discussed and you’ll never again have to worry about that funny smell inside your home. Next time you smell something odd, maybe its time for you to visit the shower room.

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