Listen to the Ferret Dooking Sound

Ever wonder what sound ferrets do create? Have you heard a ferret dooking sound? Listen and watch the video  below.



We know that ferrets don’t have a distinct sound or a sound they are known to create often except for the dooking sound. They sound like chickens in the farm when they do this. It is a sign that they ferrets are excited and happy and you can hear them making this during playtime like what they do in this video.


ferret dooking-sound-video

Photo: iamsquatty | YouTube


It seems like they are excited about something and wants to go to their handler. Or maybe the ferret is interested on the camera the handler is holding and wants to grab it away to keep for itself. They are also happily playing in the tunnels.

There is nothing to worry when they create such noise like this. In fact, you have to be happy because this means that your ferrets are enjoying their time.

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