Leaving Your Ferrets at Home While On Vacation

Having ferrets at home is like having a child to look after to, they are quite different from other pet animals and may require a little extra care. If you are going on a vacation and thinking of bringing your pet with you, please consider important factors first and decide whether it would be best to bring them along or to leave your ferrets at home.

Ask yourself or your family members these questions: (1) Are you ready for the responsibility of caring for your pet to a place where you are not yourself familiar with? (2) Is the place of your destination allow entry of animals particularly ferrets? Some states ban ferrets such as California. (3) Can you handle the stress of unruly ferret behavior adjusting to a new place? (4) Can the ferret handle the stress of transportation and adjustment to new place? (5) Are proper documentations of your ferret such as health certificate and other documents prepared? (6) Is it okay for you to bring ferret supplies your pet needs while on vacation as these may not be easily accessible to the place of your vacation?

If you decide that it would be best to leave your ferrets at home while you are away for a vacation or any activities that need your time away from home for longer days may require help from other people. Here are some useful recommendations to make you stress free and have peace of mind on your ferrets while on vacation.

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Leaving Ferrets at Home While You are Away

1. Ask a friend to look after your ferret

There is no better person to rely on when you need someone to look after your beloved pets while you’re away than a friend or a dear neighbor. Ask them for this big favor that won’t really interrupt their time. This is a big favor actually particularly if your friend or neighbor has no idea how to handle ferrets. You need to brief them first about basic ferret care.

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That is why it is very important to plan ahead and create a schedule for them to visit your pets. Twice each day is okay, the first one is for some out of the cage activity and feeding, while the second visit would be about making sure they are secure in their cage and have the things they need to be available. Friends or neighbors may not charge you for fees, a token or something for them from your vacation would be nice, but if they do ask for fees, it would just be fair enough.

2. Hire a pet sitter
Pet sitters normally charge per day per animal. The average cost of pet sitters is around $15 to $35 per animal. Pet sitters may seldom encounter caring for ferrets that’s why it is important to look for the ones with experience on ferrets to make sure your ferrets are safe.

Contact your ferret veterinarian and ask for any recommendations for a pet sitter with ferret handling experience. If a pet sitter has no idea on how to care for ferrets, providing them a checklist of do’s and don’ts is necessary.

3. Pet boarding
This is one of the options that you can choose should the two above don’t push through. Pet boarding can be offered by veterinary clinics or ferret shelters near you. There are also professional animal boarding facilities that you can check and see if they offer boarding services for ferrets. The average cost for pet boarding services is around $20 to $25 per day per pet.

Pet boarding is something that needs careful consideration. It would be best to visit the facility first prior to booking or hiring. There are several risk factors associated when boarding ferrets to a facilities such as stress-related problems due to the kind of environment and the possibility of your ferret catching a disease from other animals in the same facility.

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Leaving your ferrets at home while you are away would somehow be the best option to make sure they are safe. Check on them once in a while and call their care taker and ask them to send you videos or pictures of your ferrets can help ease your worries while being away from them.

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