Important Tips in Ferret Cage Preparation

Ferret cage is a must have should you decide to bring home a pet ferret. This is very important for several reasons such as your pet’s safety and the safety of your valuables at home. We all know by now how ferrets could be great in making mess when left unattended (or even under a watchful eye). The ferret cage will serve as their house as you are away from home due to work or any important errands.

The cage is where your pet ferret will spend most of their time, thus, you have to make it as comfortable and amusing as you can so your ferrets will have a relaxing and enjoyable stay while you do your errands away from them. You have to make it creative but safe as much as possible.


ferret cage set up

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Choosing the Right Ferret Cage

If you have several pet ferrets or planning to adopt more, you will be needing quite a large cage to accommodate multiple ferrets yet still making it comfortable and spacious for them. The bigger the cage the best it would be for you ferrets even though it would not be that best for you as you have a lot bigger cage to clean on a regular basis.

After deciding on the size, you also have to consider several things such as the material it is made from and how secure the cage is for housing multiple ferrets. Pick the cage that is made from sturdy metal that produces less noise when being shaken off by the ferret when they demand to get out. Also, make sure that the cage is painted with non-toxic paint chemical because ferrets will bite off the cage and would nip through the paint and possibly swallow some.

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As much as possible use some divisions to separate each ferret if you have more than one or two because caging them altogether could be a riot. You might be surprised to see their disaster-like mess when you get home. If you can’t find a cage large enough, you may opt to go for several large cages that are roomy enough for a ferret. Place your ferrets separately on each cage and just place the cage together so that your ferret could still see each the through eye contact.

Try the lock if it’s secure before buying the cage. It is important that ferrets won’t go on loose and escape your home because they could sometimes be very intractable when they escape. They will even let you chase them as they think running around is very fun. Bear in mind as well that when they escape to the wild, it would be very hard to find them. Domesticated ferrets may not survive in the wild either.

Decorating the Ferret Cage for Amusement

To make your ferret’s stay in the cage as delightful as possible, make sure to add some amusement. Ferrets are attracted to colorful object and tiny objects that they could play with. They are also amused with toy tunnels. If the cage allows extra room for these, consider adding these stuff inside so that your ferrets can have more activities inside their cage.

Basic Needs Inside the Ferret Cage

Always makes sure that all your ferrets basic needs are inside their cage before leaving them there, specifically food and water.  As much as possible, use a weighted food container that your pet could not easily flip over to avoid messing the cage with food and of course to avoid the food going to waste. Use a water bottle that can be attached outside the cage. Do not put a tub of water inside their cage because they will surely play with it. However, during hot weather, placing some water in the cage to refresh your ferret’s body may be necessary.

Other basic cage needs are blankets and some pillows that they can lay on comfortably. Add some pockets and a hammock made from pieces of fabric as they like to lay down and sleep on these stuff. Before leaving your pet ferrets in the cage, make sure that the litter pan underneath the cage is clean and dry.

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Every day, let your ferret spend some time out of its cage for at least 4 hours. This is very important as they have to release some of their energy and they need to do some physical activities for the benefit of their health and well-being. When they are out from their cage, it is also important that you spend some of your time with them as these animals can be clingy and seek human attention.

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