Ferrets Play with Water

You can really say that ferrets are like children. They enjoy playing a lot any when and anywhere, even in water. Watch this video of ferrets play with water and toys.

Ferrets Play with Water

Photo: Meeposaurus  | YouTube

The owner filled the a tub with water and toys and rubber ducks just like those you set up for your children to play with to attract them to go on a bath. Now these cute little ferrets just like we all know got attracted to these little toys floating on the water so they try to take each one out of the water.

Ferrets are not afraid of the water and most ferrets like taking a bath and going on for a swim that is why in this video you will see that they are enjoying this activity. This is actually a good idea to make them busy while you bathe and groom your ferret. They will surely have fun.


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