Ferrets as Pets: How to Deal with Their Aggression

Ferrets as pets to those who have experienced caring for them for the longest time would probably tell you how active their ferrets are when you asked them about their fuzzies’ behavior. This active behavior includes their silly and naughty antics as well as their cute and playful personality, but most of these expert ferret owners would also warn you about the ferret’s aggressive tendencies.

Ferret aggression is quite common and no ferret owners (not even one) could ever say that their pet never had become aggressive at any point in time. Ferret aggression is caused by different factors. It is important that we learn first what causes their aggression so that we can at least avoid or minimize the effect when ferrets show their aggression towards people or other animals.

aggressive ferrets as pets

Photo: Selbe Lynn | Flickr

Aggressive Actions of Your Ferrets as Pets

Excessive biting and nipping

Ferrets as pets like to bite and nip on almost anything they are capable of biting and this is actually normal for them. However, you can differentiate an ordinary bite and nip from the ones that have aggression involved. Normally, they would bite and nip lightly and they will look like they are up for playtime and they do bite you to get your attention, but when they are aggressive, they would bite to intentionally hurt you. This bite of aggression can cut through your skin and bleed. Sometimes they would bite your hand when you attempt to touch them.

Creating unusual noise

Ferrets create dooking sound when they are happy, but aside from this sound, ferrets can hiss like snakes too. When ferrets hiss it means two things—they are either mad or scared. Normally when they create this kind of sound, it would be better off to leave them alone for the meantime instead of trying to pick them up or else they will attack you or bite you. Ferrets can change mood easily, so if they are aggressive a minute ago, they can be as sweet and loving the next.

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What Causes a Ferret’s Aggressive Behavior?

Ferrets as pets are happy go lucky animals. They are very playful and active and want to be around with people or other ferrets to play with. The main cause of their unruly behavior is when they get unhappy or when they are in fear. When ferrets are in cage fora long period of time they could be very sad.

When ferrets are scared or frightened, you would know by their actions. They will tremble or run to somewhere they could hide. Ferrets also shriek when they get frightened. The most common things that make a ferret scared are strangers, new environment, and loud and weird noises like the thunder, crying babies, and moving furniture.

How to Properly Deal with Them When They Become Aggressive

First of all, to deal with their aggression is to avoid the things that cause them to become scared. However, there are circumstances when these things become inevitable and the least thing that we can do is to help them soothe and calm down to minimize the aggression. When the cause of the ferret’s aggressiveness is due to loud sounds, you can help them calm by diverting their attention like providing a toy or an amusement.

When they see new faces, ask the person not to touch the ferret because it may become more aggressive when held by a stranger. As much as possible, when you know you have people coming to your house that are unfamiliar to your pet, put your ferret first in the cage.

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When transferring your ferret to a new environment, allow them to adjust slowly until they get familiar with the place. Walk them in places nearby so they can familiarize themselves with the surroundings outside of your home. Walking them also allows them to exercise more aside from their free roaming hours at home. Train your ferret to socialize with people so that they can overcome their fear of strangers.

Ferrets are smart animals. With proper care and training, these animals can grow up to be social, well-mannered, and active house pets. Ferrets as pets will not only give you fun-filled days with their silly antics, but they could also be the best companion you could ever have with their clingy, playful, and affectionate personality.

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