Curious Ferret Pet Examines This Big Fluffy Dog

Look at this curious little ferret pet as he examines this big dog that is more than ten times his size.


Looks like there is a new dog in this ferret’s house, and Bean the ferret is checking out what’s with this dog. According to Bean’s owner, the dog’s name is Sarg. Sarg is actually her friend’s dog who was just over the house. So basically, Sarg and Bean just met.

ferret pet smelling ears of dog

Photo: Annalyse Mcnicol | Youtube


Look at how Bean went over to Sarg, examined him and smelled his ears and tail. And look how calm and nice Sarg was during this “examination”. We’ll, if Sarg will stay in this house with Bean for long, obviously, they could be best of friends.



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