Ferret Goes Crazy Over a Ball

Watch this funny ferret goes crazy over a ball. Click the play button and se how this ferret wants this tiny ball so badly.

Ferret Goes Crazy Over a Ball

Photo: Ferret farm | YouTube

Melly is a rescue ferret that seems to be very attracted to this tiny pingpong ball. You can in the video that she is asking her owner for the ball and when her owner threw the ball away, Melly runs after it like crazy.

The ball is too small and light and it seems like Melly can’t grab the ball by her teeth that is why she is very eager to get it. She was even joined by her ferret friend in catching the ball. We all know that ferrets are very interested with any objects that catch their attention, particularly little things that they can easily take away and then they hide it in their secret hiding places.

Maybe Melly wants to add this ball to her stashes.


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