Part 2: Ferret for Beginners FAQs about Ferret Care

Here is the second part of the ferret for beginners. Last time we answered questions about the best breed of ferrets to care for, about their rowdy behavior, the number of ferrets you are capable to care for and about ferret mating and caging (see Part 1 – Ferret Care). Below we will get to know them more by answering the next set of questions about ferret for beginners who are looking forward to care for their ferrets properly as well as enjoy them for many years to come.

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Ferret for Beginners FAQs

1. Q: How can I stop my ferret from biting?

A: Ferrets can be trained not to bite; this could be effectively done when they are still young but adult ferrets could also be trained. First you have to understand the cause of biting as sometimes they bite people, even their caretakers when they need attention. Moreover, if you know your ferret is not really a biter but you notice that they keep biting you more often, this could be an effect of a disease. Have them checked by a veterinarian to make sure that they are fine.

2. My ferrets would attack my visitors at home, what should I do?

A: There are cases of ferrets attacking people, sometimes they do this because they feel threatened, but sometimes they just do it for nothing. The best thing to do when you have new visitors at home, in which your ferret is not yet accustomed to, put your ferret first in a cage. You may ask the visitor to pet the ferret while inside the cage until it gets accustomed to the person.

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3. Q: I know that ferrets must not eat fruits and vegetables, but my ferret keeps on getting them from the table.

A: You are right, ferrets must not feed on fruits and vegetables because their digestive tract has no capacity to burn and digest them properly. Fruits and veggies can even kill ferrets as these could block their intestines or they would die because of indigestion.

4. Q: Are ferrets okay as pet for children?

A: Caring for pet ferrets requires maturity. Ferret for beginners who are kids must be properly taught how to handle ferrets first. We don’t recommend pet ferrets for kids 6 years old and below as we know that ferrets could become a little too nippy and might hurt a young child.

If you think that your children is fond of animals and are responsible enough to handle and care for ferrets, you can decide to give them a ferret as pet but make sure that you help your child to take care of the animal.

There is this notion that in order to teach your child the sense of responsibility, you give them animal for a pet to watch over and care for. However, this is not applicable in most cases. Sometimes, it should be the other way around, which means that you have to teach you children the value of responsibility first before giving them animals which are living creatures that breathe like us and have emotions too.

5. Q: How much will it cost me to acquire a ferret?

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A: Acquiring ferrets from shelter will save you a few bucks compared to purchasing from pet stores. The ferret in the US costs at around $150 to $300. In the shelter, you only need to pay for the adoption fee. Most ferrets in the shelter are spayed/neutered. They are intended for companion ferrets rather than for breeding However, not all shelters allow their rescued ferrets to undergo the process. Spaying or neutering your ferrets could cost around $300 or more. Ask the shelter first prior to acquiring one so that you can save from the surgical fees when you have them altered. Aside for the acquiring fees, you also need to buy a large cage, ferret food, and other ferret supplies they need.

Knowing some of the basics for a beginner ferret pet owner will help you understand how to care for them properly and you will love them even more as companion pets.

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