Ferret Food Recipes You Can Try at Home

Do you want your pet to try other ferret food aside from her kibbles? Not all ferrets have the same attitude towards food, some would be picky eaters while some would feed on almost anything you give them. Some ferrets may be picky eaters when they become used to eating the same food every single day that they won’t try other foods or reject foods that have different taste compared to what they have been long eating. For this reason, introducing new food could be quite a challenge. But generally, ferrets are enthusiastic and very curious creatures and most of them also have curious taste buds and nippy mouths so feeding them with different ferret food can be simple.

Sometimes, it is recommended that you prepare your ferret’s food on your own so that you know what you are feeding them is good and healthy for them. Feeding them with too much processed meat food can be unhealthy in the long run. Providing them safe and chemical-free foods from time to time can help them to grow more active and healthy.

Here is a simple ferret food recipe that you can try at home

chicken breast ferret food

Photo: OakleyOriginals | Flickr

Chewy Chicken Tidbits

You will be needing:
• Boiled chicken breasts
• Ferretone Liquid
• Olive oil

1. Cut the boiled chicken into ferret bite-size bits and place them on a bowl.
2. Add in a teaspoon of Ferretone liquid and olive oil and mix them thoroughly until all the chicken pieces are coated.
3. Flatten the chicken meat with a spatula well enough and place each piece on a non-stick baking pan.
4. Bake them for an hour or two in low heat (175 degrees) until the chicken dried up or looks chewy enough but be careful not to burn them.

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You can give this to your ferret in a bowl-filled serving for their daily meal or offer them this in bite size pieces as treats. Aside from the chicken meat, you can also use other meat produce such as beef, lamb, or turkey. You may also bake this until medium cooked for easier chewing if desired. Ferrets can tolerate semi cooked meat, in fact they can also tolerate raw meat because their digestive tract is designed to tolerate bacteria found in raw meat. So, there is no need to worry about the danger of bacteria in their raw food. But of course, if you are introducing raw meat to them the first time, make sure not to give them big servings immediately. Offer them raw meat gradually until their stomach gets used to eating raw dishes.

If Ferretone isn’t available you can use fish oils instead. Ferretone gives your pet ferret healthy skin and coat. This is great tasting too and it’s very easy to feed your pet ferret with any food that contains Ferretone because of its taste. Ferretone also contains important nutrient that your ferret needs such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and biotin. It also contains fatty acids from Omega-3 and Omega 6 which contributes to the healthy skin and hair. This is why fish oil can be a great substitute if no Ferretone is available because it contains these required fatty acids.

As much as possible, do not include any preservatives to your home made ferret food recipe because it will defeat its purpose of preparing them fresh and chemical-free food. Sugar and salt must be avoided too. Some preserved ferret foods bought from the stores contain this components and too much consumption of this could be bad for your pet ferret’s health. You can also try other recipes found in the internet from those dedicated ferret pet owners. Just make sure that the ingredients doesn’t contain any of the prohibited foods for your ferret.

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Always remember not to feed your ferrets with vegetables and fruits or any food with plant-based content. These could be healthy for humans and other animals, but NOT for ferrets. This is poisonous for them and can cause intestinal blockage. Ferrets have very sensitive stomach and intolerable digestion for any plant-based food. They don’t have the enzymes needed to properly digest these foods that is why you need to cross them out on their diet.

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