Everything to Know about Ferret Food

Given their small size, ferrets have great appetite. Although there are some food items that must be avoided, these furry creatures are not picky eaters and will eat almost anything provided by owners. However, they have sensitive digestive system so proper diet and food items must be given regularly. What are the best foods to give your ferret?

Ferret Food

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Knowing the Best Options

The best option are ferret foods specifically made for their nutritional needs. These ferret foods are available at various pet shops. If the nearest pet shop has no stock, you can always search via the internet for online suppliers. Although it will cost you more, giving food that best suits the diet of your ferret will ensure better health and longer life.

Whenever you buy from local pet shop or online supplier, make sure to get the best brand with good reputation. You can search online about the feedback given by previous buyers or customers. In addition, always check the expiration date of your chosen ferret food brand to avoid developing other health issues such as diarrhea.

There are various ferret foods available today, but the most recommended are ferret foods in dry pellet form. Dry ferret pellets give many advantages such as longer shelf life and easy storage. In addition, pellets are proven to promote better oral health for your pet.

Fresh Water Alongside Ferret Food

A vital factor you must always practice is to give plenty of fresh water to partner with ferret pellets. When your pet finds it hard to chew these pellets, you can soak in a basin half filled with lukewarm water before serving. It usually take 5 minutes to soften these pellets.

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The food items you must provide will be dependent on the age of your pet. For example, a baby ferret needs special nutrition to ensure proper growth, thus foods that are made specifically for baby ferret must be given. Again, go to the nearest pet shop and ask the appropriate ferret food for your kit or baby ferret. During this time, your pet will require high amounts of food until it reaches 3 months. During this stage, you must constantly monitor its weight as this is an effective indicator of its health. Furthermore, giving treats is not recommended to prevent possible disruption of its natural diet. If you observe that your pet lacks appetite or is not gaining weight, immediately have it checked by a vet.

As your ferret matures, you may need to introduce other food items to maintain proper health. Your pet will generally live up to 8 to 10 years, and during this stage, it can find it hard to chew and swallow hard pellets. As a solution, soak the pellets to soften before serving. Also, additional supplements can be given to ensure proper health. The trick is to have it checked by a vet once or twice a year.

Due to their active nature, ferrets need constant supply of energy which they get from their diet. In addition, ferrets need to eat several time a day so make sure that food is always ready.

Pregnant Ferrets and Food Precautions

Pregnant ferrets need extra special nutrition to ensure the health of both the mother and baby. Aside from regular check-ups, you may need to provide extra calcium supplements. Also, fresh water must always be available because expecting ferrets need to hydrate their body more often.

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As mentioned earlier, your pet will eat almost anything that it can put inside its mouth so you need to be extra careful with tiny things you store in your home. Ferrets can swallow non-food items accidentally, which can lead to health issues such as diarrhea or sometimes death. It is recommended to put away tiny things that it can swallow or make sure that they are out of your pet’s reach. Another effective way to avoid this issue is to teach or train your pet on what it can and cannot eat.

When given proper food items and health is maintained, your pet can be a loyal companion for several years. In the end, the money you invested on your pet’s nutrition will be nothing compared the memories you’ll treasure forever.

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