Do it Yourself Ferret Toys

One of the many things that your pet ferret will demand from you is regular playtime. A few hours each day must be allotted for various activities and playtime with ferret toys to strengthen your bond with your pet. Furthermore, spending time with each other will prevent your pet friend from developing boredom and inactivity, which may lead to self-inflicted harm.

However, due to various reasons such as work or other obligations, having time with your pet may be a regular problem. What do you need to do in order to keep your pet occupied and active during your busiest moments? The answer is ferret toys, which can be as simple as cardboard boxes or as complex as the ones sold in pet shops. The most important factor about these toys is that they are effective in keeping your pet ferret busy and stimulated.

Ferret Toys

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Ordinary Cardboard Boxes

One of the most practical ways to have a ferret toy is to make one from ordinary cardboard boxes. You can create a simple rectangular box with entrance and exit holes out of simple cardboards. In this case, the bigger the box, the more fun it will be for your pet. It can freely roam inside the box as if it was in a tunnel. If the box is spacious enough, you may even find your pet taking a quick nap.

When using cardboards, make sure that they are clean and free from parasites to avoid contracting various diseases. To be safe, you can use a mild disinfectant or antibacterial spray before letting your pet play with it. In addition, make sure that the custom made box is strong, sturdy and can withstand rough play of your ferret. Remember that ferrets are very playful and active animals. There is also a strong possibility that your pet will nibble or chew the cardboard so using a double layered box will be a good idea.

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Tissue Rolls

The inside box of used tissue rolls can also be a simple yet effective toy for your ferret. Of course, you must use large tissue roll boxes that are big enough to accommodate your pet. To make the toy more interesting and fun, get 10 large tissue roll boxes and connect each end using packing or adhesive tape. You can opt for a straight line of boxes or make complex shapes just like a maze. When done properly, this practical yet fun toy will make your pet feel like playing inside a tunnel.

When using this toy, there are many things you need to be careful with. First is to check for dirt that can accumulate inside the boxes regularly. Also, your pet may poo or pee inside the boxes so you must clean it with antibacterial wipes. You must also train your pet not to do these things inside the boxes. Also, always check if there are foreign objects inside the boxes such as food or house items. Ferrets love to hide and stash things that they can carry so always keep this fact in mind. When food items are left to stale inside the boxes, your pet can easily develop diarrhea and other digestive issues.

Noisy Ferret Toys

Any object that creates noise will attract and keep your pet busy. Get a plastic ball and create a hole where you can insert anything that can create noise such as a small bell. Cover the hole and make sure that the noisemaker will not be able to exit. The trick when choosing a ball is to make sure that it is not small enough for your pet to swallow, but also not too big and heavy so your ferret can easily move it around.

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Aside from plastic balls, you can also give toys that are made for human babies such as rattlers. Again, pick the perfect sized rattler to prevent unwanted accidents. Clearly, providing effective ferret toys to keep your ferret active and engaged need not be expensive. Using your creativity and some common house items which are mostly considered trash, you can create ferret toys instead of buying from a local pet shop. Still, the best way to develop your relationship with your pet is to spend some quality face to face time.

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