Crying Baby Ferret Left on the Fence Fetched by its Sibling

Watch baby ferret and siblings crawl up and go over the other side of the fence. Watch until the end of the video to see what the other ferret did to help its sibling

The baby ferrets are climbing up the rocky fence to follow their mom who is on the other side. They are all climbing up together like lizards on a wall but some of them are falling down and others got stuck on the middle part.

When all of them were able to climb up, one of them was left on the fence and was crying because it can’t see its other sibling. One of the sibling heard the crying ferret and fetched it while on the top of the fence. The crying ferret is hesitant to go down so the sibling bite it from the neck and the two went down together to follow the others.

baby ferret and another ferret going over the fence

Photo:  Jeff Zenger | Youtube

What a sibling love.

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