The Most Common Types of Ferret for Pets

Are you interested in having a ferret as pet but you can’t decide what particular color or types of ferret you want? Although ferrets come in different colors, their personality and temperament are just the same. But of course, each one of us has our own preference when it comes to the types of animals that we want to acquire and the color of the animal, whether it’s a cat, dog, or rabbit, is important. Below are the different types of ferret and the description for each of them.

Common Types of Ferret

  • Sable

This is by far the most common type of ferrets and the most bred. The sable is identified as raccoon type in terms of its physicality particularly the mask on its face. The sable has a cream to dark undercoat and dark shade of guard hairs. Its eyes are black while the nose can be pink, black, or with some spots. The other sable breed is the White-footed sable in which the difference between the two is the color of their feet. White-footed sable is also called the Sable mitt because the white feet resembles to mittens.

sable ferret

Clotee Pridgen Allochuku


  • White Ferret

 Many pet owners prefer this breed because of its pure white coat. There are two types of white ferret—the albino and the black-eyed ferret. The Albino ferret is the most requested type of ferret in pet stores because of its white coating, red eyes, and pink nose and foot paddings. The only distinct difference of the black-eyed white ferret is the eye color.

albino ferret

Photo: Isa Costa | Flickr

  • Black Sable
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The black sable is known for its deep black eye color, black nose as well as black tip of its tail. Their undercoat is white or cream while the top coat and guard hairs are dark gray to black shade.

black sable types of ferret

Photo: Max Moreau | Flickr

  • Silver or Pewter

This ferret type has a very deep gun metal grey shade of coat with some black hair that resembles to a silver grey shade when you look at it. Their nose color varies to black, pink, and sometimes mottled. This type of ferrets are sometimes rare to breed. 

  • Cinnamon

The cinnamon is one of the types of ferret that is determined through its reddish brown guard hairs that goes darker down to the tail and legs. The color of cinnamon is present on their mask and some body parts. Their undercoat is white, the eyes are brown, and they have pink nose and foot pads. There is a similar type which is the Cinnamon mitts where the color of its mitts is white.

  • Dalmatian

This type of ferret resembles the color of a Dalmatian dog, which means the black spots are present on the different parts of the body. The color of the top coat and undercoat varies to different light shades but the black spots are very prominent. Their eyes are dark brown to black color.

  • Chocolate

Very similar to the shades of the Sable ferret except that the mask, legs, and the tail are chocolate brown in color or reddish brown. They have dark brown guard hairs. The nose could be brown or pink while the eyes are black or red in color. Like some of the types of ferrets, the chocolate ferret also has its chocolate mitts counterpart.

If you want a particular color of ferrets and can’t find any from the pet stores or rescue centers, it would be best to go direct to ferret breeders. These experts can help you get the desired types of ferret that you want in particular. You can also ask for tips on how to care and breed ferrets properly.

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Even though these pets vary in shades and colors, their personality and behavior are the same. They are all very entertaining, clingy, and hyper animals that would always seek for your attention, steal your things and hide them, dance and act like war freaks, sleep heavy like there’s no tomorrow, and everything that is fun. No matter what type or color you choose, rest assured that you still get the same feeling of happiness and craziness that only these littles animals could give.

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