Common Accidents and Ferret Death Causes Part 2

From the previous article on the common accidents and ferret death causes (click here), we discussed some of the major reasons why there is immediate death among pet ferrets which include stress-related diseases from improper acclimation, indigestion of prohibited foods, poisoning, swallowing of small objects that can cause choking and intestinal blockage, and electrocution.

To continue, below is the list of more reasons why we need to be careful in taking care of our pet ferrets. Preventing these instances by taking safety precautions could save our pets from immediate death and we could spend more time interacting and playing with them as they go through their life.

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Common Accidents and Ferret Death Causes

1. Accidents
For ferrets the most common accidents at home that they are prone to aside from electrocution is getting stuck on certain places such as door openings, cabinets, tube holes and more. This could become dangerous if they get stuck hard or get slammed by a moving object such as doors or cabinets. We know how much ferrets like to hide and squeeze their body in almost anything where they could fit.

If you have free roaming ferrets at home, make sure to do certain precautions such as applying door stoppers, keeping dangerous stuff away from their reach and other things to keep them safe. Injury caused by accidents is one of the most common ferret death causes. Having ferrets is like having a toddler at home that needs watchful eyes to avoid dangers.

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2. Other pet animals
If you don’t have a ferret yet, it is recommended that before you acquire one make sure to study their behavior by reading relevant articles and watching actual videos on how most ferrets behave so you would know what kind of pet you will be dealing with especially if you have other animals at home. Ferrets are very playful and they almost never outgrow their childish behavior and that what makes them a very entertaining pet.

If you have other animals at home, this ferret behavior may pose trouble especially if you have aggressive animals or a dog or cat that cannot keep up with a rowdy and playful fuzzy. Make sure that you know how to introduce new ferrets to other animal properly until they could get along well.

3. Escaping
One of the most common ferret death causes is when they escape from you care and get lost in the wild. Domesticated ferrets are by far different from their wild counterparts because they don’t have the capabilities and skills to survive life in the wild. Domesticated ferrets are meant for human care.

Aside from not able to feed themselves of the things they can scavenge outside your home, predators could also attack and kill them in an instant. Always make sure to have their cage properly secured. Same with your home, always make sure there is no escape path for your ferret that will lead them outdoors.

4. Loneliness
Domesticated ferrets are clingy animals that need attention from their handlers especially if they don’t have any companion with them. If you are the type of pet owner who are out of the house often, it is important that you provide a companion pet for your ferret, it could be another animal that they are compatible in terms of behavior or animal that can tolerate their hyperactive characteristics or better yet if it is another ferret that would understand them better than anyone else.

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5. Mishandling
This is a very common scenario in homes where there are young children around. There is a proper way to handle ferrets that young children may not be able to learn yet. It is important to watch your kids while playing with your ferrets to avoid any rough encounters. Also, if ferrets are mishandled or when they feel threatened they might jump off the floor to keep away from being handled which can lead to injuries.

It is recommended that a child ages 7 years old and below should not handle small animals. Older children, on the other hand, must get proper training on how to handle small pets to avoid injuries and stress that can cause sudden death of the animal.

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