Checklist before Acquiring a Ferret as Pet

Taking home a pet ferret as pet is truly a joyous experience. You can expect a lot of fun and memorable times with your new ferret. However, with the excitement that it brings, you might overlook the most important things to consider when you first introduce this fury animal to your family and home. Make sure to do the things listed below in order for both you and your pet to have a seamless relationship.

ferret as pet

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No Diseases Please

Probably the most crucial factor to do before letting your new pet interact with your children is to bring it to a veterinarian for a routine checkup. Just imagine the health risks that you and your family will be put through if you bring home a ferret as pet with diseases or parasites. Ferrets that carry diseases display various symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and lack of energy. If you see any of these symptoms, have your pet checked immediately. There may be cases when your pet needs to be quarantined for a week or two to make sure it will not transmit its disease or health issue.

Clean Cage or Enclosure

Your ferret will spend a lot of time in its cage or enclosure, so make sure its living environment is clean. Also, due to the fact that your pet loves to run and move around, make sure that you give it enough space to move freely with. Also make sure that its environment is free from any small things that it can swallow or choke, and remove any live electrical wires that it will certainly chew on. If you decide to put it in a cage, be sure to place it in a strategic location where predators like cats, snakes and big birds would not be able to reach and harm your pet.

Introducing Ferret as Pet to another Family Pet

Introducing your new ferret as pet to an old existing pet will take some effort and strategy. If your old pet is also a ferret, the first thing to do is to bring them close and let them smell each other. Never do this in a cage because one of them might feel territorial. Do it as long as needed, stop only when you see that both animals are at already at ease and comfortable being close to one another.

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Introducing your ferret to another type of animal may require more work and patience especially when your old pet is a lot larger that your new ferret. For example, if you have an old pet dog or cat, getting it acquainted with a small ferret might be a challenge. Given its small stature, your ferret can easily get hurt while interacting with your bigger pets, so close and constant supervision is needed. In their first interaction, you can expect a little tension. When everything settles down, let them sniff and inspect each other. If they start to play, run or wrestle, make sure that no one gets hurt. Letting all your pets know that they are treated equally will create a jealous-free and friendly relationship between all your pets.

Proper Ferret Handling for Kids

Teaching your children how to properly handle and interact with your pet ferret is also another vital matter. As I’ve said earlier, due to its small size and fragile body, your children specially the younger ones can easily harm your fury pet. The proper way to handle is to hold it carefully but not too tightly. To avoid sudden movements that may cause accidental fall or mishandling, tap its back to make it feels comfortable and safe. Furthermore, let your children know that although it appreciates being hand held and patted, ferrets would rather be on the ground running and exploring their environment. So hold your pet only when needed and be extra careful not to step on it.

Handling a Biting Ferret

Although not really common, some ferrets have the tendency to bite things and even their owners. There are many reasons why some ferret resort to this action, one of them is that it lacks attention and love. To avoid raising a biting ferret, be sure to spend more time with it and make it feel secured and loved.

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