Best Places in Getting a Ferret

Over the years, ferrets have gained popularity due to their natural beauty and seemingly irresistible cuteness. Add the fact that they are also intelligent and fun to be with, and you now have a perfect family pet. As the demand for domesticated ferret enjoys a steady rise, numerous pet shops now make ferrets available for public sale. However, getting a ferret especially if you are just a rookie owner is actually harder than it seems.

You may have enough money to buy, but no one wants to bring home a sick one. Indeed, there are lots of factors that you must first consider before taking home this amazing pet. One of the most common questions asked is where to get or buy your first ferret pet.

Best Places in Getting a Ferret

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Getting a Ferret in Pet Shops

If you are old school and not really awed by the emergence of the internet, pet shop is the best option. Aside from giving you first-hand look on their pet’s living environment, pet shops also offer various supplies and needs for your ferrets such as food, toys and cages.


Another old school option is by looking at the classified ads of your local newspaper. Most sellers and pet store owners still post their items for sale on these newspapers. Although not as techy as searching via the internet, the old reliable newspaper can still be very effective when looking for your new ferret pet.

Ferret Farms

One of the advantages of buying a ferret from a farm is that you will be able to actually see and inspect how the ferrets are bred and grown. Plus, you will be able to have a first experience on their living conditions and daily activities. Surely, all of these will be vital when you are about to make a decision whether to buy from your chosen farm.

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Another advantage in buying from ferret farms is that you can have a direct talk with the breeder. You can ask things such as how he handles the breeding and proper hygiene. Furthermore, you can also get vital tips on what to expect as a first time owner as these breeders have tremendous amount of knowledge to share with respect to rising a ferret.

Adoption Shelters

Although they are highly demanded, there are still some cases of ferrets being abandoned by their owners. A lot of factors can be linked with abandonment such financial issues and lack of time for proper care.

If you’re working on a tight budget but still willing to care for a new ferret pet, adoption shelter is the perfect choice in getting a ferret. More often than not, adoption shelters sell ferrets for extremely cheap price, and sometimes for free at all. In some cases, all you need to do is to volunteer for a few hours of work in the shelter in exchange for ownership of an abandoned ferret.

Wherever you pick to buy or get a new ferret pet, one thing you must make certain is to meet all the demands and requirements of owning one. You must be able to provide all necessary needs such as proper food, living environment and toys. But most importantly, you must give more than enough time, lots of patience and unlimited love to have a memorable relationship.

Online Sellers

With the explosion of the internet, tasks that were considered impossible or hard to realize before are now just a few clicks away. The internet now offers easy access to anything you want including pets. There are numerous sites that sell ferrets, but you must still make sure to do these factors to avoid being scammed.

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First, make sure that the online seller is legit. You can do this by searching for feedbacks given by past customers. If majority of the feedbacks are on the positive side, chances are that your chosen seller is legit. Second is to learn the seller’s history including the reputation and the health of the ferrets they are selling. Again, searching feedbacks from past buyers will help a lot. Lastly, make sure to visit the actual store or location where the seller raises his ferrets. Inspect carefully and look for signs of negligence in terms of proper methods of raising ferrets.

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