Best Ferret Toys

The problem is many owners do not have enough time to give to their pet friend. Factors such as work and family responsibilities are some of the most common reasons why some ferrets are neglected. Fortunately, there are effective ways to make your pet busy especially when you can’t find time to play with it. One of these ways is to provide ferret toys, which are available in pet shops or which you can build yourself.  If given proper toys, your ferret will be kept busy while its intelligence is further developed.

The demand for ferrets kept as pets continuous to enjoy a consistent increase. Due to their unmatched cuteness and friendly temperament, ferrets are now one of the most domesticated animals in the world. In the US alone, ferrets are considered as one of most common pets, third only to cats and dogs. However, owning a ferret entails certain responsibilities that you must consistently do if you want a smooth and memorable experience.

One of the most important things you must consider when taking care of a baby or adult ferret is its interaction with humans and other animals. Because of its active nature, ferrets demand a lot of time playing or simply interacting with people. If proper time is given, rest assured that your ferret will grow happy and healthy. On the other hand, neglecting much needed play or interaction time will probably lead to unwanted issues.

Ferret Toys

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Simple Box for Ferret Toys

Similar to human toddlers, young ferrets love to play with simple and ordinary boxes. The trick is to give a box that is 2 to 3 times larger than your pet, and cut a hole which it can enter and exit through. Ferrets are natural burrowing animals, thus they love to crawl in dark spaces and enclosed spaces. One thing you must make sure is that the box is clean and does not have sharp or pointed corners. You can also put some soft beddings inside the box because chances are, your pet will sleep after playing tirelessly.

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Your pet will also likely stash some things inside the box so make sure to check it every day. Remove dirty objects or stashed foods that will become stale and cause diarrhea. In addition, check the condition of the box after a week or two. Replace it with a new one of needed.

Stuffed Toys

Aside from boxes, ferrets love soft and little stuffed toys which they often put in their mouth. Old stuffed toys will do but make sure you clean them first. Make sure that these toys are not heavy or too big to prevent injuries. It is also very important that the stuffed toys have no leaks or holes to avoid your pet from eating inside content.

DYI Sand or Rice Box

Ferrets love to dig. One of their favorite ferret toys is sand or rice box. Clearly, giving your pet a regular sandbox will cause a lot of mess inside and outside your house. To avoid this issue, built a customized sand or rice box. Get a plastic bin that is 3 times larger than your pet. Make sure that it is sturdy and light. Put rice or sand a little below halfway. Cover with a durable lid and seal the corners using plastic tape to prevent from opening or spilling. Cut a hole on the top of the lid which must be large enough as an entrance or exit way for your pet.

To further keep your pet occupied, bury some ferret treats in the sand or rice. Doing this will make your ferret feel that you are actually playing with it. Make sure to clean this sandbox regularly. Your ferret may pee or poop on the sand so make sure to remove immediately to avoid diseases.

Tissue Rolls

If you don’t have enough budget to buy expensive ferret toys, the carton roll inside a tissue paper is the cheapest alternative. Although it will not be for a long term, this carton roll is perfect for your pet’s biting and nibbling habits. If the carton roll is big, it can also be used as a tunnel where your pet can burrow. Get several pieces of these carton rolls and connect them to form a long tunnel. Use duct tape to strongly attach them.

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