Adopting Rescued Ferrets or Buying From Breeders?

If you want a pet that will add color to your life, ferrets could be the most recommendable ones. They are very entertaining and fun to be with. There are almost no dull moments when you are with your pet ferret because you will see yourself laughing and giggling most of the time with their silly antics and crazy personality. If you are already planning to get a ferret as pets, you may already be thinking by now if you would acquire ferrets for sale or rescued ferrets.


rescued ferrets in cage

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The Cost of Acquiring Ferrets for Sale

Purchasing ferrets for sale on pet stores can be pretty expensive depending on the type of breed/color you want to acquire. The price from pet stores ranges from $80 to $300 but vaccination is not yet included. Ferrets need two different types of vaccinations such as distemper (initial vaccine), and the anti-rabies shots.

It is highly recommended that these vaccines should be taken for optimum health and protection against fatal diseases. More or less, the cost for ferret vaccines could reach up to $400. Descenting ferrets (removal of anal sac to prevent ferrets secrete excessively bad odor) is also something you should check. The cost for this procedure ranges from $150 to $280. Overall, ferrets for sale from pet stores can cost you up to $800 on average.

How much it Cost for Rescued Ferrets?

Many ferret owners these days have acquired their pets through animal rescue facilities instead of purchasing from pet shops. Aside from the relatively low cost, animals from rescue centers have typically undergone vaccinations, thus, the need for one is no longer necessary. Furthermore, ferrets rescued are already descented, but you still have to double check if this procedure has been done as some ferrets rescue facilities are not offering this.

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Just like adopting other kinds of animals from rescue centers, adopting a ferret will only cost you adoption fee of around $60-$75. There are other rescue shelters who give added discount for adopting ferrets that are 4 years old and above.

Other Expenses

Aside from the things mentioned above which you need to prepare for, there are other things your ferret needs on a regular basis. Ferret supplies include, a spacious and durable cage, pet feeder, leash and harness for strolling them outside, ferret foods (cat foods are okay) and ferrets health supplements such as vitamins and some healthy treats too.

Furthermore, ferrets are carnivores which means they would only feed on meat. Giving them fresh raw meat and other tasty meat treats from time to time is also recommended.

Behavior of Ferrets from Breeders vs Rescued Ferrets

The kind of environment a ferret comes from is also an important factor to consider when choosing where to get your soon-to-be pet ferret. Pet store ferrets are typically younger and they have much less experience than those you could find on rescue shelters. If you acquire from pet stores, you are sure that you are the first owner of the ferret and they have no other history or issues but only from the breeder alone, while acquiring rescued ferrets, there are some behavioral issues you might encounter along the way.

Should you acquire a rescued ferret, it is important that you ask the center about its history and the kind of behavior they display so that you would know what to expect and you can prepare yourself for it. Some rescued ferrets may show aggressiveness towards human because of the certain trauma or incidents that they have experienced from their previous owners. But generally, rescue facilities would try to help these pets recuperate from any issues these animals gone through.

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Bear in mind as well that not all rescued ferrets display aggressiveness as some of them can really be sweet and gentle. Some reasons for surrendering ferrets are: lack of time, the pet owner needs to transfer to another country or place where ferrets are not allowed, incapability to care for pets, or a newborn in the house. For these reasons, they surrender their pet ferrets as they believe that these animals need a new home where they can be loved and cared for the way they deserve.

Learning the information above can help you decide whether or not to acquire you per ferret from the shelter of to purchase ferrets from direct breeders or pet stores.

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