Acquiring Ferrets: From Ferret Rescue Shelters or Ferrets for Sale on Pet Shop

You must have decided to get ferrets as pets but you don’t know yet whether or not to buy ferrets for sale from pet stores or do a ferret adoption from the nearest animal rescue center. Ferrets have been becoming very common as a pet these days that is why the number of ferret owners is growing day by day. If you know someone who has a ferret, you can ask for first-hand information as to where and how to get one but this article will also give you some ideas that could help you decide where to get your soon-to-be pet ferret.

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Ferret from Rescue Shelters

When you acquire a ferret from rescue shelters instead of buying those ferrets for sale from breeders or pet store, bear in mind that you are adopting a ferret who has been abandoned or neglected by their previous fur parent. This alone involves certain factors as to whether or not adopting from shelter is the right thing for you.

Some of these ferrets are rescued while some are voluntarily given up by their owners. The reason could vary as to why these fuzzies were rescued or voluntarily surrendered. The most common reason is that the previous owner would be no longer able to care for the ferret due to a new baby arriving, misbehaving ferret, will move to another place, will transfer to a smaller house, and other reasons that leads to not being able to care for the ferret anymore.

Normally, if the ferret was voluntarily surrendered, the staff from the rescue shelter would know the background of the animal unlike from those that are rescued where the identity of the ferret is unknown. Knowing the background of the ferret (age, behavior, diet, activities etc)is important so you will know how to care for them more effectively. As to the rescued ones, their age could not be exactly identified (only based on their physicality) but the rescue shelter staff would probably know how they behave. Normally rescued ferrets may need more time for adjustments because some of them may have experienced trauma or abuse.

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Purchasing Ferrets for Sale from the Pet Store or Breeders

Having ferrets for sale from pet stores or breeders is like having a new baby. Normally ferrets here are younger in age (they are called “kits”). You can buy from a breeder or pets stores a ferret that is as young as 12 weeks old. Kits below 12 weeks old may not survive if separated from their mother.

One of the important benefits of acquiring young ferrets is that you can train them while they are still young unlike older ferrets with already bad habits that can be hard to break. Since you will be getting a younger ferret, extra care is needed. Younger ferrets are more fragile than the old ones and they may have a more sensitive diet so extra care is required.

Most pet shop ferrets are well taken care of, with clean ferret cages, proper ferret food, and water. Moreover, you can build a special bond with your baby ferret as it grows so they can become more affectionate pets in the future.

Cost of Ferret Adoption vs Buying a Ferret

Adopting ferrets from shelter may require only minimal fee which is the adoption fee that ranges from $75 to $200 depending on the rescue shelter or depending on the ferret breed. From pet stores, a baby ferret would cost about $125 on average. If you are acquiring a baby ferret, you also need to prepare budget for vaccinations as well as the fee for spaying and neutering. Most ferrets in the shelter have been vaccinated already and sometimes they are already spayed or neutered. You may ask the shelter staff if such procedures have been done. These fees are to be paid only once except for the vaccines (for different purposes) that are scheduled differently.

Other expenses for ferret care includes buying a well-sized ferret cage, healthy ferret foods, ferret accessories and supplies like ferret leash, vitamins, ferret soap, toys to keep them entertained and etc. You also need to have them checked with their veterinarian every once in a while for their health maintenance.

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