24 Important Ferret Facts You Should Know

You might already own a ferret but perhaps you don’t know your pet very well yet, so here are some important ferret facts that could help you know and understand your ferrets even more.

Here are 24 Ferret Facts you should know:

1. Ferrets are related to the wild species of Mustela genus which includes minks, wolverines, and the weasels in which they are closely similar in physical appearance.

2. Majority of the species of ferrets are domesticated and were bred by the ancient Greeks for more than two and a half millenniums from the polecats species. They were originally bred to hunt down vermins.

3. In the year 1700s, sailors keep ferrets in ships to hunt for mice. This activity is said to bring ferrets to other countries and started their own breeding.

4. In the year 1800s, ferrets were given to rulers or heads of the states as gifts.

5. In 1900s, ferrets were distributed to farms and warehouses for the purpose of controlling rodents as pests, but because of the invention of chemical pesticides the ferrets were back again as being house pets.

6. There is a wild specie of ferrets known as the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) but they are already rare and endangered.

7. Ferrets almost have the size and shape of a regular zucchini. They can expand their body up to 18 inches long. They weigh approximately around half kilo to 2.5 kilos.

8. Ferrets can be diurnal, nocturnal, or even crespuscular. They can adjust their sleep time to their pet owner’s sleeping time.

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9. Ferret can sleep up to 18 hours if they are not interrupted. They are heavy sleepers.

10. One of the ferret facts you must know is that domesticated ferrets, which means your pet ferret, will not survive in the wild and may die in days. So be careful to not let them escape you and go to the wild.

11. A ferret’s tail is half the size of their body length.

12. Your pet ferret needs at least 4 hours time out from their cage to do some of their activities.

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13. Ferrets are carnivores which means they feed only on meat. They can eat meat-based cat foods as substitute for fresh meat.

14. Ferrets can die if they ingest herbs, fruit, or vegetables. These foods can upset their stomach as their digestive system lacks the enzymes that breaks these foods into pieces. They simply can’t digest non-meat foods.

15. Male ferrets are called hobs while the females are called jills.

16. A group of ferrets is called “business”.

17. Like cats, dogs, and rabbits, ferrets can be litter trained.

18. Ferrets are ban in California, Hawaii, District Columbia, and some cities in Texas and Minnesota. Some says it is because that ferrets have wild instinct and can bring rabies danger. Also, some says a pet that escapes will most likely to form a pack that could threaten livestock.

19. Ferrets are available in different colors and types such as the dark-eyed white, sable, black sable, albino, silver, Dalmatian, cinnamon, and chocolate.

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20. Like skunks, ferrets use their scent glands as a form of defense mechanism. Normally the scent glands are already removed prior to acquiring them as pets to reduce the foul smell it produces.

21. Ferrets have poor vision and are near sighted.

22. Ferrets likes to hoard things especially tiny objects or garments that they could easily swipe.

23. Ferrets have very thick skin and they normally don’t feel the bite marks caused by another ferret.

24. It is one of the ferret facts that most experienced ferret pet owners would agree—a ferret’s behavior is like that of a toddler. You can never let them stay still in a certain place, they will mess up your stuff, get things that catches their interest as if they own them, are clingy, and playful but extremely sweet.

It is good to know some of these ferret facts to be able to understand at least some bits about your pet ferret. We’re pretty sure by now you have observed that some of the things listed above are true, but you are yet to discover more about your little crazy pet.

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